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Government Heritage Property Disposal Process

The State Government is the largest single owner of heritage places in Western Australia. Recognising it has a responsibility to set the standard for observing good heritage management and conservation practice, the Government adopted the State Cultural Heritage Policy in February 2011. This policy outlines the partnership role Government agencies have in recognising, conserving and protecting important publicly owned places.

The purpose of the Government Heritage Property Disposal Process (GHPDP) policy, adopted in 1994, is to identify and assess the heritage value of government property under consideration for disposal, and to provide relevant protection where appropriate. 

“Disposal” includes the sale, transfer or lease of a property outside the State Government sector (where transfer or lease is for a duration of at least 10 years), and includes the demolition of places.

This policy applies to all State Government agencies and to all statutory authorities as listed in Schedule 1 of the Financial Management Act 2006. 

What type of places should be considered?

Buildings and structures will generally need to be considered as part of this process if they:

  • Are more than 60 years old
  • Are already listed on an existing heritage list such as a local government inventory (Municipal Inventory)
  • Display other evidence of potential significance in terms of aesthetic, historic, social or scientific value


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