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Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance is an integral part of conservation and will ensure that your property maintains its value.

If a heritage place has a Conservation Management Plan or Strategy (CMP & CMS), this can assist you to identify and prioritise maintenance works.

We have a range of maintenance information sheets and publications that may assist you. 


You do not need to seek our advice for the following maintenance, signage or minor works:


Building maintenance that does not involve the removal of, or damage to, the existing fabric of the building or the use of new materials


Cleaning that is low pressure, non-abrasive and non-chemical


Gardening or landscape maintenance that does not involve a major alteration of the layout, contours, structures, significant plant species or other significant features on the land


Repairs, including replacing missing or deteriorated fabric with like-for-like fabric, that does not involve the removal of, or damage to, the significant fabric of the building


Replacement of utility services using existing routes or voids that does not involve the removal of, or damage to, the fabric of the building


Repainting of the surface of a building in the same colour scheme and paint type if they are appropriate to the substrate and do not endanger the survival of earlier paint layers and without disturbing or removing an earlier paint layer unless it is chalking, flaking or peeling


An excavation, that does not affect archaeological remains, for the purpose of exposing, inspecting, maintaining or replacing utility services

Installation of a temporary security fence, scaffold, hoarding or surveillance system that does not affect the fabric of a building, the landscape or archaeological features of the land

Signage that:

  • Does not obscure existing signage that has an integral relationship to the land
  • Is temporary and does not damage the fabric of a building
  • Is temporarily located behind a shop window but is not internally illuminated or flashing
  • Advertises that a place is for sale or lease but does not remain on the place for more than 10 days after the place is sold or leased

Digging a new grave or the erection of a monument or grave marker of materials, size and form that are consistent with the character of the place.

Maintenance Series

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