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Importance of Heritage

Heritage is important in understanding the story of Western Australia – its history, identity and its people.

Heritage can incorporate both the tangible and the intangible. It is present in many forms such as landmarks, places, buildings and contents, spaces, views and the stories associated with them.

A recent national survey showed that 92% of Australians value heritage as a core part of our national identity. 

As a community, we share the responsibility to identify and respect what is important, and pass on these places to future generations so they will understand what came before them.

The retention and management of heritage places has an important role to play in protecting the environment, creating vibrant communities and sustaining local economies.

Retaining heritage places amounts to a substantial environmental and financial saving in embodied energy. It avoids the creation of waste and the need for replacement building materials.

Heritage places also contribute to the quality of life and cultural identity of our communities. Many heritage places, such as halls, churches, gardens, schools, and hotels, are the focal point for community gatherings. Privately-owned heritage places and heritage precincts contribute to streetscapes and our sense of belonging.

Utilising and revitalising our heritage places can also assist local economies through employment opportunities and by generating additional revenue, particularly through tourism.

State Government, local governments, property owners and members of the community all have a role to play in ensuring that the valuable asset of our heritage is recognised, respected and promoted.

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Heritage is integral to the vibrant life and prosperity of Western Australia.
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